Cavex ColorChange


Cavex ColorChange is a fast set alginate, which features a functional colour change system, is highly elastic and tear-resistant, rendering impressive detail of 25μm. Because of its unrivalled balance, this unique, modern alginate has a dimensional stability of at least 9 days.

Color changes are visualizing the major decision points in impression taking:

  • End of mixing time
  • End of setting time (tray can be removed from mouth)

Features & Benefits:

  • Indicating 2 color changes
  • 9 days dimensional stability (9 days without shrinking in a well closed plastic bag)
  • Innovative reaction mechanism
  • Rapid, complete hardening reaction
  • Highly elastic, ideal for orthodontics
  • Good tear and deformation resistance
  • Detail reproduction at least 25um
  • Smooth surface, optimum gypsum compatibility
  • Dust free
  • Patient friendly setting time: 1 min in mouth
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Cavex ColorChange Alginate 1lb Fast Set
158-0323 Cavex AA323
$ 14.95
  • 10 @ $ 13.95
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