C&B Metabond® Quick


C & B Metabond from Parkell is a cement system is extremely durable while maintaining a short set time. The cement system is an ideal product to have in any office due to its extreme versatility and reliability. C & B Metabond has the ability to repair loosened crowns, broken teeth, short posts, porcelain pop-offs as well as perform in emergency dental procedures. The Enamel Etch Gel is available in 5ml bottles.

Features & Benefits:

  • Strong, durable and reliable
  • Bonds several types of materials securely
  • Extremely versatile
  • Quick! formula features a longer working time and shorter set time, optimizing efficiency
C&B Metabond Quick Adhesive Kit
286-S380 Parkell S380
layers Contains document-text SDS
$ 549.95
C&B Metabond Powder 3g Clear
286-S399 Parkell S399
$ 48.95
C&B Metabond Powder 5g Radiopaque Tooth Shade
286-S396 Parkell S396
$ 67.95
C&B Metabond Quick Base 10ml
286-S398 Parkell S398
$ 109.95
Universal Dentin Activator Liquid 6ml
286-S393 Parkell S393
$ 27.95
Universal Dentin Activator Gel 5ml
286-S394 Parkell S394
$ 34.95
Enamel Etchant Gel Red 5ml
286-S395 Parkell S395
$ 34.95
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