Brush & Bond®


Tried & true—the easy-to-use, high-strength bonding agent that protects and desensitizes! Reduce your chairside time and simplify that growing collection of adhesives in your operatory with Parkell’s remarkably efficient self-etch bonding system, Brush&Bond®. It works with all light-, self- and dual-cure resins—something not every self-etch bonding material can lay claim to. You can use it to bond direct and indirect restorations to all tooth surfaces, seal crown preps, assist with core build-ups, and act as a relief agent for patients with dentin hypersensitivity.

Features & Benefits:

  • Bonds direct and indirect composite restorations to all tooth surfaces. 
  • Permanently seals the tubules to prevent sensitivity. 
  • Protects the pulp against microleakage and bacterial invasion. 
  • Creates an acid and wear-resistant shield for the tooth. 
  • Doubles the surface hardness of the preparation. 
  • Cures with all currently available curing lights. 
  • Low film thickness won't affect crown fit. 
  • Also available— Brush&Bond® UNIVERSAL
Brush & Bond Standard Kit
286-S284 Parkell S284
layers Contains document-text SDS
$ 189.95
  • 3 @ $ 184.95
Brush & Bond Bottle Refill 3ml
286-S285 Parkell S285
$ 109.95
  • 3 @ $ 104.95
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