A one-step, self-etch dual adhesive formula with an equal bond strength to dentin and enamel guarantees high bond strength regardless of the procedure or class of restoration. A comparative 3-year clinical study showed 0% sensitivity and a 93.7% retention rate.* Single coat application for a shorter working time with an ultra-low film thickness of only 5µm eliminates marginal stain lines and provides a better adaptation of aesthetic restorative materials.

Features & Benefits:

  • Dual adhesive formula — equal bond strength to enamel and dentin
  • Seals and protects dentin — clinically proven to minimize post-operative sensitivity
  • 5µm film thickness — eliminates marginal stain lines
  • Single coat — no scrubbing
  • Fast and easy to use — just 3 steps!
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BeautiBond Bottle Kit 6ml
295-1781 Shofu 1781
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$ 129.95
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BeautiBond Unit Dose Kit 50/bx
295-1782 Shofu 1782
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$ 129.95
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