Amalgambond® Plus


AMALGAMBOND® Plus is a 4-Meta-based adhesive that chemically bonds amalgam to enamel and dentin.

Features & Benefits:

  • Strong, self-cure bonds without the need for a curing light. 
  • Works equally well with composites, alloys and ceramics. 
  • Minimally invasive preps eliminate the need for pin retention. 
  • No varnish or liners needed. 
  • Dramatically reduces chances of marginal leakage. 
  • Zero post-op sensitivity.
Amalgambond Plus Adhesive Complete Kit
286-S370 Parkell S370
layers Contains document-text SDS
$ 344.95
Amalgambond Plus Universal 4-META Catalyst 0.7ml
286-S371 Parkell S371
$ 274.95
Amalgambond Plus Base 5ml
286-S372 Parkell S372
$ 66.95
Amalgambond Adhesive Agent 8ml
286-S374 Parkell S374
$ 9.49
Universal Dentin Activator Gel 5ml
286-S394 Parkell S394
$ 34.95
Universal Dentin Activator Liquid 6ml
286-S393 Parkell S393
$ 27.95
Amalgambond Plus HPA Powder 2g
286-S376 Parkell S376
$ 36.95
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