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AED Plus® Defibrillator

Zoll Medical

The Zoll AED Plus Defibrillator stands tall as the beacon of reliability and cutting-edge design. Beyond being a defibrillator, it's a lifeline equipped with Real CPR Help® technology, offering real-time feedback on chest compression depth and rate during CPR, ensuring every action counts.

Only half of sudden cardiac arrest victims will initially need a shock, but all require high-quality CPR. The AED Plus supports rescuers with integrated text, voice, and visual prompts to help rescuers administer high-quality CPR.

Smart Technology for Effective CPR

Real CPR Help technology is the cornerstone, providing live feedback on compression rate and depth, guiding dental professionals through the critical moments of resuscitation. This real-time assistance ensures precise and effective CPR delivery for sudden cardiac arrest victims.

Dependable Readiness

The AED Plus impresses with a remarkable five-year battery and pad life, reducing the need for frequent replacements and guaranteeing sustained readiness. This extended longevity not only enhances preparedness but also minimizes the total cost of ownership, making it an essential asset for any dental practice.

Trusted Resuscitation Companion

Zoll defibrillators have been empowering first responders and unsung heroes for over 25 years, and the AED Plus continues this legacy. Its rugged build, with an IP55 rating, resists dust and water, ensuring functionality even in challenging dental environments.

Key Features

  • Real CPR Help: Live feedback on compression rate and depth during CPR.
  • Long-lasting Power: Off-the-shelf lithium batteries (Duracell 123a) with an impressive five-year life span.
  • Efficient Electrodes: One-piece CPR-D-padz® electrodes guarantee easy placement and sustained readiness over five years.
  • Warranty Assurance: A comprehensive five-year warranty (extendable to seven with online registration) provides added confidence.
  • Rugged Design: Built to withstand dental practice demands, this defibrillator holds up against dust and water with an IP55 rating.
  • Pediatric Capability: Intelligent pediatric functionality with Pedi-padz® II pediatric electrodes.
  • Automated Self-Testing: Regular self-testing ensures the device's constant state of readiness.
  • Clear Guidance: Audio prompts and visual icons simplify usage, supporting the American Heart Association's Chain of Survival.

Addressing Key Questions

  • Life Expectancy: The Zoll AED Plus offers a five-year shelf life for batteries and CPR-D-padz® electrodes, ensuring sustained readiness.
  • Maintenance: Automated self-testing ensures the device remains primed for use, requiring minimal ongoing attention.
  • Usage: User-friendly, guided by intuitive audio prompts and visual cues, simplifying the resuscitation process for dental professionals.

Equip your dental practice with the Zoll AED Plus Defibrillator—an unparalleled fusion of technology, reliability, and durability. Its pioneering features and steadfast performance ensure readiness to save lives during critical moments.

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