TF™ Adaptive Rotary Files

Kerr Endodontics

Rotary when you want it. Reciprocation when you need it.

You're in control - TF Adaptive is designed to work with our Elements Adaptive Motion Technology, which allows the TF Adaptive file to self-adjust to intra-canal torsional force.

  • Rotary: 600° clockwise and 0° counterclockwise file motion when no load is applied. 
  • Reciprocation: 370° clockwise and up to 50° counterclockwise file motion when load is applied.

Keep it simple - An intuitive, color-coded system designed for efficiency and ease of use. Designed for efficiency and ease of use. Just like a traffic light... start with green and stop with red.

  • Single Bands = Small Files
  • Double Bands = Medium/Large Files

Peace of mind - TF Adaptive is built on the success of the Classic TF design and includes the same advanced Twisted file technology. The TF Adaptive File uses the same advanced Twisted File technology found in the classic TF file design. TF Adaptive is twisted to shape for improved file durability, features R-phase technology for improved file flexibility and provides exceptional debris removal.

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