MicroLite Hygiene Handpiece

Vector R&D

The Vector MICROLite prophy handpiece was designed to be Ultra light and Ultra small to fit easily within small dental hygienist hands. No longer do dental hygienist have to suffer through the day using large, heavy slow speeds intended more for restorative work than for preventative care. This prophy handpiece not only meets the hygienist needs but also the doctor's with the lube free motor to ensure the handpiece last long without the constant routine maintenance required from other product offerings.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ultra Small = Just 3-1/2" long! Half the size of traditional low speeds.
  • Ultra Light = Made of lightweight Titanium.
  • Lube Free Motor = Minimizes operator down time and reduces costs.
  • Swivel nose cone = 360 swivel provides better control of movement.
  • Accepts all standard doriot style disposable angles
  • Speed range = 0 - 5,000 rpm
  • Made in the USA
  • 1 - Year warranty
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MicroLite Prophy Handpiece Lube-Free 3-1/2"
135-8640 Vector R&D ML500
$ 319.95
MicroLite XL Prophy Handpiece Lube-Free 5"
135-8700 Vector R&D ML750
$ 319.95
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