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Fuji II LC® Capsules

GC America

Experience the pinnacle of restorative dentistry with GC Fuji II LC Capsules, the go-to choice for Class III and V restorations, cervical erosions/abfraction lesions, and root surface caries liner/base applications. Crafted for simplicity, aesthetics, and cost-effectiveness, these premeasured unit dose capsules ensure precise mixing without any mess, streamlining your dental procedures for optimal efficiency.

Exceptional Aesthetics and Translucency

  • Vita Shades: With 10 Vita2 shades to choose from, achieve outstanding aesthetic results tailored to each patient's unique smile.
  • Excellent Translucency: The superior translucency of GC Fuji II LC Capsules ensures seamless integration with natural tooth structure, delivering lifelike restorations that blend harmoniously with surrounding dentition.

Continuous Fluoride Release for Enhanced Protection

  • Strengthens Tooth Structure: Benefit from continual, rechargeable fluoride release, reinforcing tooth structure and minimizing the risk of secondary decay.
  • Proven Clinical Efficacy: Clinically proven to offer nearly 10 times more fluoride release than compomers, GC Fuji II LC Capsules provide long-lasting protection against recurrent caries, ensuring the longevity of your restorations.

Easy Procedure with Proven Results

  • Reduced Chair Time: Simplify your workflow and reduce chair time with the straightforward application process of GC Fuji II LC Capsules, offering fewer steps compared to traditional composites.
  • Clinically Proven Performance: Backed by extensive clinical studies, GC Fuji II LC Capsules demonstrate exceptional durability and biocompatibility, with 100% retention, no sensitivity, and no evidence of secondary caries even after two years of placement.

Triple Cure Properties for Optimal Bonding

  • Strong Bond to Tooth: Achieve a robust bond to tooth structure, ensuring excellent marginal seal and preventing microleakage.
  • Chemical and Mechanical Adhesion: Benefit from the dual-cure mechanism of GC Fuji II LC Capsules, combining resin mechanical adhesion and glass ionomer chemical bonding for enhanced strength and durability.
  • Immediate Finishing: With both chemical cure and light-curing properties, GC Fuji II LC Capsules allow for immediate finishing, streamlining your workflow and enabling efficient patient care.

Enhanced Radiopacity and Biocompatibility

  • Radiopaque Properties: With 1.5 times the radiopacity of enamel, GC Fuji II LC Capsules ensure superior visibility on radiographs, facilitating accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Biocompatible and Radiopaque: Rest assured knowing that GC Fuji II LC Capsules are biocompatible and radiopaque, providing optimal patient safety and clinical efficacy.

Elevate your restorative dentistry practice with GC Fuji II LC Capsules, the trusted choice of dental professionals worldwide for superior aesthetics, durability, and clinical performance. Experience the difference in patient outcomes and practice efficiency with this advanced restorative solution.

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