The Dri-Angle is a unique replacement and a decided improvement on the cotton roll in the parotid area. The Dri-Angle covers the parotid or Stensen's duct and effectively restricts the flow of saliva. A thin, absorbent, cellulose triangle, the Dri-Angle comes in two types: plain and silver coated. Use the silver coated Dri-Angle for superior saliva control. Silver coating on one side acts as a complete moisture barrier for heavy salivators.

The Dri-Angle provides the required Dri-Field for:

  • Composites 
  • Bonding 
  • Cementing
Dri-Angle Plain 400/bx Small
230-SDR Dental Health Products 31S
$ 15.95
Dri-Angle Plain 320/bx Large
230-LDR Dental Health Products 31L
$ 15.95
Dri-Angle Silver Coated 400/bx Small
230-SAG Dental Health Products 32SAG
$ 20.95
Dri-Angle Silver Coated 320/bx Large
230-LAG Dental Health Products 32LAG
$ 20.95
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