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New Payment Method: Credit Key

About Credit Key

With the new Credit Key Partnership, Scott's Dental Supply brings Buy-Now,Pay-Later options to customers. Credit Key is an Instant B2B Financing option that will allow you to have the ability to finance any order over $2500 with a credit line of up to $50,000, with 0% interest for 30 Days, and Instant Approval.

*Valid on business purchases only with verified and approved vendors and subject to your approved Credit Key Trade Credit Limit. All Credit Key loans are made by First Electronic Bank, a Utah Chartered Industrial Bank, member FDIC*

How to Checkout with Credit Key

  1. Make sure your cart value is over $2,500

  2. Proceed to Checkout as normal

  3. Once you have reached the Payment Method step of checkout, Select Credit Key, and click 'Continue with Credit Key'

  4. Complete Credit Key account setup

    1. If you already have an account with Credit Key, just sign in with your email address or mobile phone number

  5. After Account Setup/Sign-in and selection of financing terms, you should be presented with a Scott's Dental Supply Order Confirmation and can safely logout/exit the site while we process your order.

  6. Note that your account will not be charged until we ship your order.

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How Does Credit Key Work?

Questions about Credit Key Account, Intital Set-up, or Financing?

Call the Credit Key Support team today at (844) 334-3636 or email