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LuxaFlow Ultra

DMG America

LuxaFlow Ultra is the ideal add in resin for use with Luxatemp. Specifically designed for excellent compatibility with Luxatemp Ultra and other bisacryl provisional materials, LuxaFlow Ultra is formulated to affect a completely natural looking result. Formulated for a completely natural look, it is highly polishable for optimum esthetic results and allows you to create more lifelike additions and repairs. Delivered from a high precision syringe tip dispensing system, LuxaFlow Ultra provides excellent flowability in a non-slumping formula. LuxaFlow Ultra is available in 5 shades (A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1), which allows for precise color matching to provisionals.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ideal add-on resin for use with Luxatemp Ultra  
  • Specifically formulated to provide a completely natural-looking result 
  • Formulated specifically as an add-on resin for bisacryl provisionals  
  • Highly polishable
  • Optimum Flowability
  • Non-Slumping Formula 
  • Light-cured 
  • High Precision Syringe-Tip Delivery 
  • Available in five shades
  • Radiopaque
Grouped product items
Product Description Price Qty
LUXAFLOW ULTRA REFILL 2/bx A1 220-224001
LUXAFLOW ULTRA REFILL 2/bx A2 220-224002
LUXAFLOW ULTRA REFILL 2/bx A3 220-224003
LUXAFLOW ULTRA REFILL 2/bx A3.5 220-224004
LUXAFLOW ULTRA REFILL 2/bx B1 220-224005