Clearfil Universal Bond Quick

Kuraray America

Unlock the potential of your dental practice with Clearfil Universal Bond Quick, a revolutionary single-bottle adhesive featuring the groundbreaking Rapid Bond Technology. Engineered with a new original MDP & AMIDE-based chemistry, this adhesive offers unparalleled versatility, reliability, and efficiency for all your bonding needs.


  • Universal Application: Whether you prefer Total-etch, Self-etch, or Selective-etch techniques, Clearfil Universal Bond Quick adapts seamlessly to your preferred method, ensuring consistent results every time.
  • Rapid Bond Technology: The innovative MDP & AMIDE-based chemistry enables rapid permeation of dentin and enamel, eliminating waiting time and reducing water absorption. Experience enhanced efficiency and reduced technique sensitivity without compromising bond strength or sealing properties.
  • No Additional Primers Needed: When used with Clearfil DC Core Plus / Panavia SA Cement, no additional primer or activator is required, streamlining your bonding procedure and saving valuable chair time.
  • Versatile Bonding: From zirconia and metals to silica-based ceramics like lithium disilicate, it forms durable bonds with a wide range of restorative materials, ensuring reliable adhesion in various clinical scenarios.
  • Wet or Dry Application: Whether you're working with wet or dry dentin, it delivers consistent performance, making it suitable for use with both total-etch and self-etch techniques.


  • Efficiency: With no waiting time required in total-etch and self-etch modes, Clearfil Universal Bond Quick optimizes your workflow, allowing you to work more efficiently and see more patients.
  • Simplicity: Say goodbye to the hassle of using additional primers or activators. This bonding agent simplifies your bonding protocol, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring predictable outcomes.
  • Adaptability: Whether you're performing direct restorations, cavity sealing, root surface treatments, or intraoral repairs, it offers versatile solutions for a wide range of dental procedures.
  • Reliability: Backed by extensive clinical research and years of successful use in dental practices worldwide, Clearfil Universal Bond Quick delivers consistent results, ensuring reliable adhesion and long-lasting restorations.

Experience the Next Evolution in Dental Bonding

Elevate your bonding experience with Clearfil Universal Bond Quick and revolutionize your approach to restorative dentistry. With its unmatched versatility, rapid bonding technology, and proven reliability, it empowers dental professionals to achieve superior outcomes with confidence and ease. Trust in Clearfil Universal Bond Quick for exceptional bonding performance and patient satisfaction.

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Clearfil Universal Bond Quick Bottle Refill 5mL
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Clearfil Universal Bond Quick Standard Kit
811-3571KA Kuraray America 3571KA
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$ 139.97
Clearfil Universal Bond Quick Unit Dose Value Pack 100/pk
811-3578KA Kuraray America 3578KA
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$ 249.97
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