Calset Composite Compule Heater


Pre-heat your microfill, hybrid and packable resin composites and experience a dramatic improvement in curing time, degree of cure and flowability over room temperature applications. With no increase in light intensity, thermal-assisted light polymerization is proven to yield stronger restorations as well as deeper and faster curing of all composite materials. Addent's CALSET™ Composite Compule Heater warms composite compules to 130 degree F in two minutes. Studies have shown that pre-heated composites reach conversion up to 80% faster under any curing light source. Pre-conditioning with heat also allows composites to flow and conform to the shape dictated by the matrix more easily — with no effect on the physical properties of the composite. Better adaptation reduces time and grinding needed for occlusal adjustment. Use it to pre-heat pit and fissure sealants for thinner viscosity and better flow!

Features & Benefits:

  • Heats composite material to 98°F (37°C), 130°F (54°C) or 155°F (68°C) 
  • Maintains constant temperature 
  • Increases degree of cure 
  • Warms Finishing Instruments 
  • Shortens curing time by over 80% 
  • Improves composite flow by 68% 
  • Reduces Microleakage 
  • Improves physical properties 
  • Decreases shrinkage stress
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Calset Compule Heater Standard Tray
249-110007 AdDent 110007
$ 449.95
Calset Compule Heater w/ Dispenser Tray
249-110007-02 AdDent 110007-02
$ 529.95
Calset Anesthetic Tray (Holds 3 Carpules)
249-600059 AdDent 600059
$ 129.95
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