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Safe-End Two Striper Diamond Burs


Faster, Cooler Cutting and Longer Lasting burs

Two Striper® Diamonds are manufactured with the P.B.S.® diamond-particle bonding process (not electroplating). P.B.S.® bonding maximizes the exposure of diamond-cutting surfaces – especially at the tips and upper circumference of the diamond instrument where most cutting occurs. Crystals are placed evenly and precisely in a uniform matrix and are fused permanently to a surgical-grade stainless steel shank. The crystals are guaranteed to never strip or peel or fall out. The combination of permanent crystal attachment, precise placement at the top and maximum crystal exposure makes Two Striper® Diamonds faster, cooler cutting and longer lasting. 100% ring gauge inspection for shank concentricity.

Features & Benefits:

  • Manufactured with the P.B.S.® diamond-particle bonding process
  • Consistent performance & superior quality
  • 100% Ring Gauge Inspection for Shank Concentricity
  • 100% Visual Inspection
  • 100% Weight Control for Diamond Coverage
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