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BioSonic® US100R Ultrasonic Scaler


Elevate your dental practice with the enhanced performance of the BioSonic US100R Ultrasonic Scaler. Designed to meet the demanding needs of sub- and supragingival hygienic scaling, this advanced scaler offers improved water flow control, a kink-resistant handpiece cord, and enhanced output power for unparalleled efficiency and patient comfort.

Advanced Features for Optimal Performance

  • Improved Water Flow Control: The US100R features precise water flow control, ensuring optimal irrigation and debris removal during scaling procedures.
  • Enhanced Patient Comfort: With a lower power range, the US100R prioritizes patient comfort, delivering gentle yet effective scaling without compromising results.
  • Dual Compatibility: Accommodating both 25 kHz and 30 kHz inserts, this scaler provides versatility to suit various treatment needs and preferences.
  • Ergonomic Handpiece: Designed for operator comfort during extended use, the ergonomic handpiece minimizes fatigue and enhances control for precise scaling.

Compact Design for Efficiency

  • Small Footprint: The US100R boasts a compact design that minimizes counter space requirements, optimizing operatory efficiency without sacrificing performance.
  • Uni-Directional Foot Pedal: Operating the US100R is effortless with the new uni-directional foot pedal, providing intuitive control and ease of use.

Comprehensive Tip Selection

  • BioSonic Inserts: Choose from a variety of the most popular tip designs available in both 25 kHz and 30 kHz, ensuring compatibility with diverse patient needs and treatment scenarios.

Delivering Unrivaled Performance

The BioSonic US100R Ultrasonic Scaler sets a new standard in hygienic scaling, combining precision engineering with ergonomic design to enhance both practitioner and patient experiences. With improved water flow control, dual compatibility, and advanced features, the US100R empowers dental professionals to achieve optimal results with ease and efficiency.

Elevate your dental hygiene protocols and streamline your workflow with the BioSonic US100R Ultrasonic Scaler—a testament to excellence in dental instrumentation.

Technical Specifications

Overall Dimensions:  9" x 5.5" x 6"
Weight:  10 lbs
Operating Frequency:  25/30 Hz
Power Consumption:  40-70W
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BioSonic Ultrasonic Scaler US100R
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