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Valiant Sure-Cap

Ivoclar Vivadent

SURE-CAP the delivery system that sets Valiant apart from all other amalgams All Valiant formulations feature the advantages of the SURE-CAP ultrasonically welded capsule. The SURE-CAP is welded air-tight during filling o prevent mercury vapor contamination of the working environment during storage and trituration. As trituration begins the mercury containment pillow ruptures and the mercury is expelled into the mixing chamber. After trituration is completed the capsule top is removed using the accompanying opener.

No manual activation prior to trituration No pestle Almost no risk of mercury leakage or mercury vapor contamination.

Features & Benefits:

  • High strengths
  • Outstanding handling properties
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Exceptional smoothness for easy craving and burnishing
  • Low creep and dimensional change
  • SURE-CAP delivery system
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Product Description Price Qty
VALIANT SURE-CAP 50/bx 1-SPILL 400mg 945-6050210
VALIANT SURE-CAP 50/bx 2-SPILL 600mg 945-6050220
VALIANT SURE-CAP 50/bx 3-SPILL 800mg 945-6050240
VALIANT SURE-CAP 500/bx ECONO 1-SPILL 400mg 945-6050211
VALIANT SURE-CAP 500/bx ECONO 2-SPILL 600mg 945-6050221
VALIANT SURE-CAP 500/bx ECONO 3-SPILL 800mg 945-6050241