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Venus Temp 2


Venus Temp 2 is the provisional material that looks, feels and performs like the final restoration. Combining the clinical efficacy of strength and fracture resistance with unmatched esthetics, both professionals and patients can envision a true representation of the final restoration.

Features & Benefits:

  • Venus Temp 2 creates the look of a natural tooth through superior polishability and luster. 
  • Available in 5 Vita shades, perfectly matched to Venus Diamond Flow flowable composite. 
  • High strength and increased flexibility make Venus Temp 2 the perfect esthetic solution for long-span bridges. 
  • Very low oxygen inhibition layer that allows for easier handling and polishing.
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VENUS TEMP 2 50mL REFILL A1 665-66049181
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VENUS TEMP 2 50mL REFILL A3.5 665-66049183
VENUS TEMP 2 50mL REFILL B1 665-66049184
VENUS TEMP 2 50mL REFILL BLEACH 665-66049185