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TwinPower Turbine Ultra E Miniature Head

TwinPower Turbine Ultra E Miniature Head
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  • The TwinPower Turbine® Ultra Series handpieces offer a small compact head size for improved access and views in the oral cavity.  This product line includes the new UltraM and UltraE.  Although these handpieces are mini in design, their power is equal to or greater than many high torque turbines.

    Unique TwinPower Technology:  The torque produced by TwinPower technology provides steady, effective, and efficient drilling with a light touch.

    Quick Stop Braking:  Rotation stops within 2 seconds even at the highest speeds.  This feature offers added safety and prevents excessive drilling.

    Bur Flexibility:  UltraM, which has the smallest head, accepts standard burs up to 20mm in length as well as short shank burs.  UltraE utiliizes standard burs.

    Zero Suck Back:  Unique, built-in technology prevents the intake of contamination and cutting debris when the handpiece stops rotating.

    Long-lasting Ceramic Ball Bearings:  The ceramic ball bearings are exceptionally hard and light, making the bearings faster and more durable.

    Aero-skirt: The aero-skirt cuts down on the flow of air towards the treatment area.  This, in turn, regulates the spray delivered to the treatment area and provides more efficient drilling and improved coooling.

    Quiet:  Advanced fluid dynamic technology and high precision machining has significantly reduced the noise level in the 6,000 to 7,000 Hz range.  This makes treatment more comfortable for the patient.

    Glass Rod Optics:  The glass rod optics offer autoclave safe, highly focused and stable illumination (25,000 LUX).

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